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DonaDíés = Gift day 

Look, find, discover and marvel!



When I look, I see

When I see, I discover

When I discover, I experience

When I experience, I learn

Where I learn, I am Inspired

And when I got inspired

I took a moment to look!

The art of looking is seeing

Because seeing has the power to enrich

Only with real looking do we come to the way of understanding

So look - see and be enriched

Désirée Salman

HUMAN COMPASS CLOCK_1000x1000_edited.jpg


Under the name of DonaDíés (= Gift Day) artist Désirée Salman brings out modern and especially colorful paintings. Abstract art in which Désirée hopes that the philosophy behind it 'You can only be normal by being different' will be embraced by everyone who is open to it.

Nobody is the same, but every person has beautiful qualities that may be seen. As with her paintings, 'real looking' is important. 'We will not all see and experience the same, but we can make sure that we are open to the unknown and get the most beautiful for ourselves and another out of it'.


As an astronomer once told me: The universe functions so well because every star and every planet does what is does best.



Désirée has not always felt understood due to her visual thinking and dyslexia. As a result, being understood has fascinated her. She now hopes to inspire people, by seeing what you see when you look differently. Because every day there are eyepresents around you that want to be discovered, want to be seen. These presents she discovers on her path, she would like to pass on.


I look and I let others look at what I look at. Perhaps they see something different as a result. Really look. Only then will we begin to understand.'



Hi. This is me, Désirée - which usually became Dees after 5 min. By nature I am curious, amazed, explorative and enthusiastic, and this is something what has never been lost on me.


I have a fascination with everything related to understanding and misunderstanding. And that' s what I like to explore. By observing, by painting, by interviewing, by filming, by discovering and especially by being curious where I get excited. Because where I get excited, that is where the presents are. That's where I find that which excites me, inspires me and makes me wonder. And what inspires me might also inspire others.


That's why I like to share the presents with others. And so can you!

This is me
free bird spiegeld.jpeg

Are you normal?

When you are young you are adventurous, curious and amazed.

When you are young you want to explore, you want to try, you want to be great and amazing.

When you are young you want to be mature because then you can be free!

When we teach children to be adults, we teach them to be normal.

When we teach children to be adults, we teach them to become good at what they are bad at.

When we teach children to be adults, we teach them to be wise rather than young.

But what would it be like if the children taught the adults to be pure again?

Because do you consider yourself normal? What is normal?

And does normal exist?

Or could it be that the world is full of beautiful presents,

that have only become hidden in our ambition for a "normal" adult existence.

And that we thereby lost what we are naturally good at: being curious, enthusiastic and amazed.  After all, you want to be normal!  So could it be that as we grow up we have forgotten to play outside, to look the way a child does: full of wonder , pure and without judgment. What will we see again when we embrace change and being different again?


Step out of your box

Remove your label

And dare to be different

Oh I mean to be normal. Because different is very normal!


                                                      We have Diversity. Now let's use it wisely.



You will only find something if you dare to be curious

You can only discover if you are genuinely interested or dare to be.


So are you curious about my Art, Products or Documentaries. Would you like to know more about something, offer a story that fits into my documentary line or do you have another interesting  question!

Then get in touch with me.


Who knows we might inspire each other.


Follow & Share

That what you see and experience you take with you.

Maybe it has touched you

Made you realize and you can do something with it.

Would you like to be informed and surprised by Donadíés with Art, Products or stories that spark your interest? Then follow Donadíés on social media or share it with others you think that it will arouses their curiosity

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North east south west
where ever you go
wherever you are
you will be inspired by what somebody tells or what somebody shows

So Look, find, discover and marvell
And find your inspiration goals
Because I believe you learn best when you are in the inspiration flow

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